Advanced States
Get free web stats in real time. AdvancedStats provides webmasters detailed stats on there site visitors. Now you can keep track of how many people visit your site, where they come from, how they found your site, search engines , and much more, all with detailed graphs.
 The URL Corp has been a leader in the traffic industry since 1999. This is just one of many sites that is owned and operated by the URL Corp.
We run a network of sites that provides all types of traffic to our clients, developers, partners, and to our own network of sites. We not only track your visitors, but we can also provide you with traffic visitors to your site.
We can increase your visitors in a number of ways. By having our tracking code on your site you can see what pages are most popular on your site and target your visitors to that particular page. We can also send quality visitors from our own network, and advertisers that we work with to provide quality traffic.
How does it work

Very simply! and it's free. You add
the html code for advancedstats to your web page. Each time a visitor accesses your page, a small button (88x31 pixels) appears on the page. You have many choices to choose from. Below are just a couple of them.
While AdvancedStats is reading the visitor information, and collecting the information about your visitors and calculating statistics about your web site in real-time. It also does link traffic for you if you wish.
You can view your web statistics, at any time, by logging into your account and viewing your visitors information Your web stats are password protected. You get 40 unique reports, multiple domains, easy to use, IP2Country database, and multilanguage support. SIGNUP NOW

The code is very simple to add to your existing web page: it's just a matter of cutting and pasting HTML code, that we provide to you, into your existing web page code. Most people put the html code on the bottome of the pages they want to track.

Advanced States Features
Check out all the features that come with your account at AdvancedStats. You can also upgrade your account where you don't have to show a graphic on your site.
It's completely free & no traffic limitation.
Password protection
History of your website traffic.
How many visitors, and unique visitors.
From where your visitors come from.
Search engines, referring domains.
View the country of your visitors.
Which page are the most popular.
How much time your visitors spent.
View there operating system & browser.
View the keywords used to find your site.
View there IP Address, & ISP
24 hour monitoring, and easy to install.
And much, much more... SIGNUP NOW
Traffic Services

Tracking and providing traffic is our business. We have been providing traffic services to clients/resellers since April 1999. We operate a network of sites that provides some of the traffic that you will get from us.
Some of the traffic service's we provide.

FTC Restricted Content Traffic visitors
FTC Restricted Banner Exchange
FTC Restricted pay per click services
Banner Exchange (Non-adult)
Startpage Exchange (Non-adult)
Adview Traffic
Banner Impressions, (adult, & non-adult)
Casino Traffic
Special US Traffic
Targeted Mainstream with category
Targeted UK Mainstream with category
Untargeted traffic
Country Targeted, with & without pop
And much, much more... GO THERE NOW
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